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So, a few people have asked me where the blog posts and videos have gone in the past few weeks. I had a big set of issues after Dreamforce with the existing blog setup on Wordpress. The long and short was I had problems with PHP, with the host, with traffic, with performance and a number of different things. I honestly always felt a bit hemmed in by Wordpress and found the overhead that came with it on the small amount of hosting I had was a hefty price to pay. So I have moved entirely to Jekyll and Github Pages.

I found Wordpress made it harder for me to be “productive” in creating posts. Often times I would find something throughout my workday and think “that would be an interesting thing to share” but didn’t want to switch out of my editor to login to Wordpress and disrupt my flow. Now I can quickly make a few notes within the same editor and save it as a draft within my repo to then update with fuller content. No more lost ideas (at least in theory). It also means I have a much nicer cloud based site. I experienced a bit of an outage on my Wordpress host that took a lot of work to reimport and setup the backup again. Thankfully I now no longer have to worry about this as well.

Fast forward and the blog is now running using Jekyll and Github Pages. This should make it a bit easier for me to keep the blogs going and adding new content. Sorry for the lack of updates and hopefully now everything is back on track. Look for more regular content updates and new blogs over the coming weeks as well as the Cast video series, and again, sorry for the radio silence for this period whilst things were getting fixed.

If you have anything you would like to hear more about as well, please tweet me and I will try and help out with content you want to see.

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