Why YOU should go to Dreamforce

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Dreamforce is now only 35 days away. It is the biggest single company exhibition show in the world and you will have doubtless seen the many reasons why you should go on the Salesforce ROI Calculator.

Last year was my first Dreamforce. I had been to a couple of the yearly tour events in London and was excited to get to finally make it to Dreamforce itself. The real reason that you should go to Dreamforce is that there is nothing else like it. There are many blogs out there you can find listing the top “X” reasons to go - but the simple fact remains the biggest reason to go is that there is nothing else like Dreamforce. In terms of scale, in terms of learning opportunity and in terms of fun.

It is the only place where you will find the 1400+ sessions on a massive range of topics from a number of experts (and me) that will give you tons of new ideas, as well as offering you unprecedented access to ask questions and talk to the presenter. You will not get a better opportunity to get as much training and education from some of the best there are.

It is the only place where you will get to meet up with and create a new network of contacts around the industry. For those of us on twitter it is the only place you are guaranteed to get to meet some people face to face that you haven’t managed to meet in “real life” before.

Finally, it is the only place where you will get to really open your eyes to what is possible with the Salesforce1 Platform, Heroku and Salesforce’s partner ecosystem. From stories of connected toothbrushes to connected customers you will get to hear from every person there something different and new that they are doing with the platform that you had never even thought of.

I hope to see you there.

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