Casts Episode 0

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I am pleased to launch the new Casts video series today. Similar to the way in which the Railscasts video series helped many rails developers by providing hints and tips in short digestible videos my hope is that this series can do the same for Salesforce Admins and Developers.

Episode 0. Introduction is below which outlines some more information on the series and Episode 1 is now also live and available. I have spent some time preparing the next few videos already so hope to maintain a steady stream of content over the next few weeks before settling into a regular cadence.

If you have any feedback I would love to hear it either through a comment on the Youtube video as a tweet to my account or preferably tweet me using the new @forcedotcomcast twitter handle. Similarly if there are any tips you would like to share or areas you would like covered please reach out and let me know.

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