Cloudstock 2012 – My Two Pence Worth

It’s been a buys few weeks for me since Cloudstock 2012 so I have only just managed to find a few spare minutes to jot down my thoughts and views on the day.

I have attended a few Cloudforce events before and always found them to be a fantastic opportunity to meetup with some people in the community (The North UK group was conceived at this year’s Cloudforce Leeds!) and see what new things were coming out from Salesforce themselves. I thought it was a really good indication of how much growth there ahs been in the world of development that London was able to hold it’s own Cloudstock event this year, mirroring the success of the San Fransisco event.

There were some fantastic talks given throughout the day on a range of subjects and it was a brilliant chance to meet up with some old community friends as well as make some new ones. For anyone who hasn’t seen yet, most of the talks given by the developers are up online in some form or another. Just tweet to the relevant person and they will happily show you where to find the information. It was great to get to chat to some of the developer groups there (Heroku, Amazon, whom, I haven’t dealt with as much.

I myself gave a talk on Advanced Testing which was a fantastic experience. I really enjoyed getting to share some ideas with people and have received a lot of great support and interest from people since. The biggest learning lesson I had was not to eat anything for half an hour before your talk though, in case you get a small piece lodged in your throat and break down in a coughing fit as you start talking. My thanks to all those in the audience who showed concern for my well being, the lesson has been well learned!

I am looking forward to the next North UK meetup which I am organising for the end of the month when hopefully we can get to share some of the experiences and ideas that came out of Cloudstock/Cloudforce. I think next year’s event is going to be bigger and better as well which is fantastic to see. I will be posting more stuff over the next few weeks to follow on from my talk, but until then, enjoy a few pics of the event from my talk. Cloudstock1 Cloudstock2

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