Where have all the Kata gone?

, Agile Record, Code Kata, Scrum

Okay, so there have been no Kata updates for a while. Firstly I would like it known that at least mentally I did come up with the other solutions. I sadly however got sidetracked by working on work at home and thus becoming a bit burnt by the weekend.

I decided therefore to have a weekend off to setup my PS3 online and enjoy some Army of Two and to give myself a break.

The Kata will continue from tomorrow onwards with Kata 3.

In other news I was published in the Agile Record magazine with an article on Financial Analysis applied to Scrum. I will in the future be adding some further writings to this blog based upon this idea. I have already reformulated the idea of a “Relative Strength Indicator” to be applied to Scrum and will hope to do more technical analyses over time.

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