Passionate Programmer and 21 Days of Kata

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After a very enjoyable time in Paris where I had a chance to read “The Passionate Programmer” I have decided to undertake the “21 Days of Kata” challenge.

From tomorrow onwards I will post daily the outcomes of my actions on the Kata given at 1 at a time to see what I can think of. I will aim to do the following:

a) Read the Kata first thing in the morning and think about its solutions on my way to work, recording them when I arrive.

b) At lunchtime, rethink the Kata and my solution, again writing down my new solutions and thoughts.

c) At Home in the evening, have a final go through the Kata for the day and write up all of my thoughts from the day on the blog.

I am greatly looking forward to undertaking this task to see how it improves my thought processes. So until tomorrow bye!

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